Skinny Bitch

I recently “re-read” the book Skinny Bitch. I put it that way because the first time I “read” the book I was actually listening to it on my sister’s i-pod. While I found much of what Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin had to say interesting at that point, it wasn’t until I saw the written words for myself that it clicked for me. This book is written more like a conversation – definitely something I find effective for a book of its nature. There is no sugar-coating the truth (and why would there be? Sugar is bad for the bod). Skinny Bitch is straightforward and it points out the major B.S. in life like any good friend would. It is because of this book that I have slowly begun to ease into life as a vegetarian. I’m currently on my fifth day sans-meat and while that may not seem like much, I’m feeling quite proud. Was I a little sad to miss out on the sausage at breakfast yesterday morning and the ham in our split pea soup last night? Absolutely. But when I thought about what, (and who, the little pigs, cows, and chickens) was in those foods, I was able to restrain myself, and I didn’t even feel deprived! Each time I am able to refrain from eating meat, I become more confident in my decision to do so.

I’m heading back to school on Thursday, and in doing so will face a few more difficulties when it comes to meals. I live in a sorority house. Our chef cooks meals for 80 girls at a time. There is meat present at almost every meal and vegetarian-friendly options will not be as convenient as they are at home. While mealtime may be more difficult for me I am not discouraged. I know that should I run out of options at the house, there is a grocery store nearby with a wonderful health market and organic section where I can find the food I want. It may be a challenge, but I ain’t afraid of no challenge. Stay tuned…


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