Blazing Trails

It’s the second week of the semester already. How did that happen? What happened to the lazy days of summer? It was pretty rough returning to school mode last week but I think it’s safe to say I’m doing better now. Actually, that’s an understatement. I had three separate meltdowns last week about school, so yeah I’m doing great.

I was so nervous for the story I was going to write about Tolton Catholic’s opening day Monday. I’ve never been comfortable in unfamiliar situations and this was my first big story of the semester.

Once I was there, it was easy to get over my fears though. It was obvious when I got there that I was not a student (no uniform), not a parent (at least I hope no one thought that!) and not a teacher. I stood in the back of the room with the other parents. I didn’t know anybody there and I had no personal connection with the school, but I couldn’t help feeling just as excited as everyone else in the room. Finally, they were getting their school! Their joy was pretty contagious and it made writing my story that much easier.

It was entertaining to watch the students file in. Like a seventh grade dance, the boys gathered on one side of the room and the girls on the other. I could tell it was the first day by the way they interacted. Some sat there quietly while others chatted in small groups. Students were glancing about the room and the parents’ cameras were flashing like paparazzi. It made me nostalgic for high school. It was always fun on the first day to see your friends and peers again, catch up, compare schedules, not worry about homework yet. I may or may not have been jealous of them for a few seconds. I have so many wonderful memories from high school, and I wanted to tell them all not to take a second of high school for granted – to enjoy it while they’re there. But then I remembered – high school was fun, but college is better. (Suckers)

When the ceremony was over I headed back to the newsroom. I wrote the story and took it to my editor two hours later. A few hours after that it was published on the website. Then I talked with the photo department and shortly after, my story had photos. AND THEN, I went to grab a paper this morning, just to see if my little story had run in print, and lo and behold people, it was on the front page! It was so exciting! I immediately took a picture and sent it to my family.

Now that I’ve written my first story and had my first encounter with the school, I’m looking forward to writing more and getting to know the Tolton community better.

I still miss summer though.


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