Promoting Wellness

I worked a general assignment shift again yesterday and actually got my hands on a very cool story. The Columbia (Missouri) Housing Authority has partnered up with a company called Burrell Behavioral Health to better provide services to residents at two of the Housing Authority’s buildings.

The two buildings, Oak and Paquin Towers provide low-income housing for the elderly, near-elderly and disabled. The most amazing thing about the new partnership is that all of the services, which range from substance abuse support groups to financial building, are available to all residents at no charge. So amazing. I think acts like this frequently go with little recognition, so I’d just like to take a moment to reiterate: mental health services are going to be provided to ALL residents at NO cost. This has the potential to make a lot of lives much better.

I had the opportunity to speak with Phil Steinhaus, the CEO for Columbia Housing Authority, about the new project. He was very friendly and full of information, which of course made writing my article that much easier. I sent him a link to the story once it was published last night and received a response thanking me and inviting me to an ice cream social at Paquin this morning. Alas, I had class, but it’s always nice to feel your work is appreciated. Warm fuzzies.


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