Deadline on a World Café

I wrote my first deadline story the other night. And it wasn’t that bad! (The deadline experience or my story.)

I covered one of the Columbia Public School District’s World Cafés. The school districtheld the meeting to discuss its current financial situation. It is in a dire position: the district is running out of money. According to CPS Superintendent Chris Belcher, the district could be running a deficit of $14 million in the next five years and total expenditures will exceed total revenue in the next three.

As someone who has attended public schools her entire life, this thought scares me. While I didn’t attend Columbia Public Schools, it is my understanding that the Des Moines Public School District and many others across the country are facing similar dilemmas.

I hate to hear that the district has to cut funding for extra programs or extra positions. I have such fond memories from my time in the public schools, largely from school-related extracurricular activities, and I hope that future generations will be able to enjoy similar positive experiences.

I am interested to see what option the school board is going to propose to raise funds, and then how the community votes on that option in the spring.


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