Speak Your Mind

Wednesday night, I attended the second Speak Your Mind forum of the semester at Hickman High School. The topic was the U.S. economy.

These forums have been going on at Hickman for 20+ years. Each year a group of seniors is selected by English teacher George Frissell to be on the Speak Your Mind committee. The committee puts out a suggestion box for possible topics at the beginning of the year then compiles the top ideas and the student body votes for their favorites.

The committee invites “experts” on the various topics to be panelists at the forums. Only students are allowed to ask questions of the panelists, and while questions may be directed at a specific panelist, all are given the opportunity to answer.

I’d heard about the first forum through my story with Brendan on social networking, but I hadn’t seen the forum first-hand until Wednesday.

What a great experience for high schoolers to learn more about current events and to get to ask the questions that interest them. I thought it was a unique opportunity for all parties involved.


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