Long Reads

In second grade, I wrote “reports” for fun. I wrote stories about Maggie the Bird Girl and Henrietta the Valentine’s Elephant. I wrote quite the story about a young girl in England whose parents worked at a castle. I also recall many a holiday where I gifted various family members with an anthology of my musings/stories/poems.

I’ve always loved writing – creative writing. That’s why magazine writing interests me. While I will begrudgingly admit that learning how to write a news story has improved my writing, you won’t get me to say I like it.  I will say, however, that a certain kind of journalism has recently piqued my interest thanks to my news reporting class.

In our class last week we were assigned a Susan Orlean piece to read. Our instructor Katherine warned us it would be a long read and I thought, “Oh crap.”

But the minute I started reading it I was hooked. I read every page. I thought her style was unique. It was like the story itself was a ten-year-old boy bouncing around full of both silly and surprising remarks.

I wanted to read more. In class we discussed other long form pieces and our guest speaker, Josh, recommended some of his favorites. I also found out there are websitesdedicated to long form journalism. I now follow Longreads on twitter, and have already found a few pieces because of it.

I have a new appreciation for great writing – oh, and a new procrastination tool.


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