Mind Node

After a lecture on the functions of mind mapping in one of my classes, I remembered a little program my brother used to rave about: MindNode.

I decided to open it up and try it out in an attempt to keep track of everything I had to do.

That was two months ago. I still haven’t closed it.

My little mind map, which I have given the very clever and original title of “life,” has a node for each class and other aspects of my life with little mini nodes branching off of the parent nodes as reminders of all things I need to accomplish – it kind of functions like my planner.

It’s really been an effective way to lay out everything I have to do. When I have the rare moment of down time (what? What’s that? I can hardly remember…) I can look at my little life map and see what I could be doing to ensure maximum productivity. (Or what I can be ignoring and putting off in pursuit of extreme procrastination.) It’s also extremely gratifying to delete little nodes off once I’ve finished said task. It is however, the constant reminder of all that STILL remains to be completed, and I am looking forward to the day when it looks something like this:

*Please note that the title of this one would be “fun things.” Obviously.


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