Currently: Cookies

Among the many things that bring me joy, baking something delicious is pretty high on my list. Not just baking for me though, baking to share. That’s the best.

I’ve always loved to bake. It combines a little of everything. I can follow a recipe exactly or veer off a bit if I’m feeling creative. I can get incredibly messy and then clean up and have a spotless kitchen by the time the cookies are ready to eat. It can be a social activity with my best friends or I can turn on my favorite tunes and zone out. It’s also really gratifying to eat something you’ve made yourself, or better yet share it with friends.

I spotted a recipe in Real Simple over Thanksgiving break that I knew I had to try. I also decided earlier this week that in order to really get into the holiday spirit I had to bake some cookies. Put two and two together and now you have my evening.

I’m oh-so-thankful for my lovely, off-campus-dwelling friends who let me use their kitchen and utensils. I think they would agree a clean kitchen + cookies is a pretty fair trade off though.

There were six taste-testers hanging around tonight and they all agreed these were some good cookies. They combine peanut butter and heath bar. Yum. Obviously. They’re also gluten free (if you make them sans-pretzels, which I did on a few for my friend Grace), so that’s a plus. I wasn’t crazy about them though. While they may not make it onto my must-make holiday list though, I can say I definitely liked them. And would bake/eat them again.

A bit blurry, but you get the idea.

Nom Nom Nom


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