Currently: Spotify

It’s December and baby it’s cold outside. The good news is that this means Christmas music is now more than perfectly acceptable. While I love the Nutcracker Suite and my favorite Nat King Cole that play in my i-tunes, sometimes those just don’t cut it. For me, it’s really not Christmastime until I’ve listened to the Charlie Brown Christmas CD. On repeat. There’s something about the jazzy sounds and the childhood memories it brings out that make is so darn good. It’s just happy music.

But the problem was I didn’t have it. Nor was I willing to dish out money for it. What. A. Dilemma.

But wait – what’s that fabulous new program sucking in everyone and their dog? Spotify? Yes. Despite the continuous Spotify newsfeed that splatters my Facebook homepage, I decided to give it a shot.

I’m quite glad I did. I’ve been listening to nothing but CBC since I downloaded it. I ALSO figured out how to remove those Spotify notifications from my Facebook. That way I don’t annoy people with all my musical selections, or get embarrassed when I listen to certain songs… (I’m drawing a blank right now. But I know they exist. The sentiment remains.)

Spotify is awesome and it’s free. It’s better than Pandora because you can PICK the songs you want to listen to, although it still interrupts you with commercials every now and then. If you want an endless music library at your fingertips, I highly suggest it.

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