Never Gonna Give You Up

It’s a day I thought would never come. I just left my final beat meeting of the semester. And I’m kinda sad.

I remember walking to the first beat meeting back in August. Brooding over all I hated about the class and how annoyed I was that I had to give up an hour on Friday afternoons all semester.

Somehow though, around the time the seasons changed, my attitude did too.

Prior to taking this class, I had heard stories from friends about mean editors who made you cry and weekend nights spent covering events instead of hanging out with friends. Needless to say I was NOT the slightest bit excited to show up for reporter orientation the day before school started. I didn’t know how I was going to survive. I thought about all possible options to avoid taking the class: switching my emphasis area, switching my major, dropping to a journalism minor, dropping out of school (Seriously. It was fleeting, but it was there) – everything.

I even had the meltdown of the year when my roommate asked me about the class and what I wanted to do in life. After multiple consultations with friends, sorority sisters and my actual sister, we decided that my best option was just to suck it up and make it through the semester. I’m really glad I did.

It has by no means been an easy or stress-free class, but it has been extremely rewarding and I’ve learned a lot. Having my name on a byline, seeing a story printed on the front page, meeting new people and getting to talk to them, and learning more about the Columbia community. These were all exciting parts of my semester, but it was the people I worked with regularly – my beatmates and my editor, Liz – that really made the class worthwhile.

I know it sounds so cheesy and cliché to say that, but it’s true. If not for the support, suggestions and constant laughter provided by my “crew,” this could have been one hell of a semester.  We’ve created a little ed. beat family, and I thoroughly enjoy being around them.

I used to dread going to the newsroom and now I actually like the time I spend in there. I’ve gone from feeling out of place and alone in the newsroom to fitting right in with my crazy ed. beat family.

I’m not sad the class is over and I’m not sad to re-gain my Friday afternoons, I’m sad to leave my beat.

At least I know I can always count on Rick Astley to cheer me up.


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