Sunshine and Rainbows

Guess who’s baaaaack? THIS GAL.

Back both home and to the blogosphere. (In case I needed to clarify that one.)

I took a break. Because I could. Because the semester is over and I’m no longer being graded on the frequency of my blog posts. And because I really just wanted to sit around on my arse and do nothing for a few days. Twas great. But today’s activities were far greater. (As in better, not more important or larger… although probably both?)

I’ve been in the kitchen. ALL. DAY. And I am SO. HAPPY.

For the organization of my blog I will post each recipe separately, but here’s what I made today.

Things I made today:

Vegetable Stock

White Bean Soup

Ravioli Lasagna

Snickerpoodles (Oh just wait for this one)

Other reasons today was great:

I started the day with yoga and a run to my dear old Dahl’s (groceries). The sun was shining, my five favorite Christmas CDs were playing at random and Millie and I took a quick walk while my soup was simmering.

Can’t complain, people. Can’t. Complain.


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