Greens Please!

Happy New Year! If you made a new years resolution to eat healthier, or just want to make a really good-for-you dish. I recommend the following.

I’ve finished reading My Father’s Daughter and certain recipes have been haunting me. I decided to make one of them last night: Green Rice. We used it as a side dish, but I would happily make a meal out of it if I were just cooking for myself.

Brown rice, scallions and kale take center stage with some added garlic for sautéing and soy sauce for drizzling. The key is steaming the kale and cutting the leaves into little ribbons.

This rice dish is so good and good for you! Kale is a super food. It is rich in vitamins. Brown rice trumps white rice. It has so much more nutritional value than white rice. I think of it like white bread versus a hearty wheat bread. One is clearly the smarter choice.

And remember those leeks we had in our garage? I tossed those in last night as well. There’s definitely room to get creative with this, which is great. (I thought about adding some edamame in there for a really nutrient-packed punch!) I warmed up leftovers for lunch today and I added some grated Parmesan on top. Playing with food is so much fun!

I’ll add that my mother was highly skeptical of this dish, but upon tasting changed her mind. She has been talking about it all day. She wants me to make it again this week. Just sayin’, you may convert some skeptics with this one.

We served it up with scallops and salad for a delightful meal.

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