The War on Squirrels

The weather lately has been unnervingly warm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s above zero, but it’s just so unnatural it creeps me out.  (I can get into that later.)

SO. You may be wondering, how have we been taking advantage of mild temps and a snow-free landscape? Woah buddy. Besides taking the dog on lots of long walks and enjoying pleasant winter runs, we have been playing some serious defense in the back yard. The big fat squirrels are trying to steal the bird food, and we are not having it.  My father has come up with the following, highly entertaining solution.

You will need: a remote control car and squirrels.

Directions: Place old remote control car outside near bird feeders. Turn car on. Place controller to said car near the kitchen sink window where both car, bird feeders and squirrels are visible. When squirrel comes, spring into action. Chase with car. Enjoy. Repeat as needed.

The car, aptly titled “The Intruder,” ready to attack.

Millie is not so sure how she feels about this

The feeders free of squirrels.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any action shots of the squirrels. With the camera, the dog and the controller I had my hands full. But seriously, it works.

* No squirrels were harmed in this process.

If there are any other unique, non-violent squirrel-ridding techniques out there, I would be more than happy to hear them!


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