Down a Rabbit Hole

I’ve been suffering from a prolonged bout of writer’s block. I’m still not sure I’m fully recovered but will give it a college try. (That will only be funny for another year… sigh.)

In an attempt to remedy this, I’ve been taking the advice of every Yoda I’ve come across in the journalism field by reading anything and everything. I’ve been making a folder of good reads, highlighting sentences that strike me and thinking. In these efforts it would seem I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole of life questions I can’t seem to escape.

They begin with that first parenthesized thought – I have one year left – and I don’t know what I want to do. I know, I know. Nobody expects you to have the rest of your life planned out the minute you graduate, but should you at least have some kind of nugget of a plan? An inkling? (I imagine this is smaller than a nugget.) Does anyone really know what he or she wants to do? How do you know?

But maybe a lack of a plan is where the beauty lies. Maybe that’s it. Maybe all I can know is that possibilities are endless in post-grad life. Like the old adage “the world is your oyster,” there’s a huge world waiting, filled with opportunity. In the meantime I just have to keep one foot in front of the other and hope the path I’m walking on leads me to some nugget of a plan. Or at least an inkling.


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