Currently: Oh I Wish..

I do not wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner. Rather, I’ve spent some time recently pining away for a few items and have found myself wishing I had a benefactor. A benefactor, I should clarify, who would be just some generous soul (in the least creepiest of ways) to whom I was not indebted in any way. Capisce?

That being said, you’re probably just dying to know what I’ve been checking out, eh? Well, die no more.

We’ll start small…

Tortoise shell Ray-Bans. I had these once. Then they up and walked away. Literally disappeared off of my shirt. No joke. So I’m waiting to re-invest in a second pair (and perhaps some croakies to keep those suckers in line…) Plus, every classy lady looks better in a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses.

This is a reasonable one!

Jeans. From the Gap. Because the pair I had — my favorite pair that I literally wore every day — now has a large, growing hole on the upper-inner thigh, thus deeming them inappropriate for the newsroom and most daily-life activities.

Practical application…

The power stretch pant from Marmot. I dare-say my mother would deem these necessary for existing in the cold. They are essentially fleece-lined running tights. Uses: extending my outdoor runs into the colder weather and thus promoting my health and fitness. Also, keeping me SUPER snug and cozy when walking to class in the cold or simply lounging around. I’m 99.9% sure I would live in these… and perhaps require another pair to survive the winter… but I digress.

Just because

J.Crew Sweatshirt. Super cute. Super comfy. I see it being dressed up more appropriate with jeans or pairing with leggings for the best weekend outfit EVER.

The End.