Food Crush Friday: Pom + Coconut

Aaaaand we’re back! This week’s food crush is a beverage. I first read about the wonder elixir that is Pom + Coconut in Women’s Health and was immediately intrigued. I’m not crazy about straight pomegranate juice nor straight coconut water, but this? This sounded intriguing. WH touted the great benefits of drinking this after a workout. An honorable thought, but one that I ignored. (I already have a post workout routine. And if you know me, you know it takes a lot to change my routines.) But, I figured if it’s good after a workout, it’s good after a night out! And I was right. You’re welcome. Neither too sweet nor too tart, this drink is Goldilocks, which is to say it’s just right. Move over Gatorade.


Basically, this beverage is perfect for any occasion.

Food Crush Friday

It’s Food Crush Friday! Kind of like Man Crush Monday, but on Friday, and with food.

I am always on the prowl for a great snack to satisfy my mid-morning munchies. Once I find something I like, I fall hard and go all in eating the same thing for a few weeks until I eventually get sick of it. So I hop from food crush to food crush.

For the past few weeks that crush has been KIND bars.

Why I love them: The perfectly sized bars are satisfying and keep me from busting into my lunch at 10 a.m. The short and sweet ingredient list—things I recognize and can pronounce!

Below, my favorite three kinds. (Get it?) You can go ahead skip over the fact that two are covered in chocolate.