Ice Cream with Raspberries and Raspberry Balsamic Reduction

There’s a fantastic spice shop we frequent at home called allspice. They have delicious olive oils and vinegars in the store that you can sample before you buy, and they are frequently getting new flavors. Over break I noticed a raspberry balsamic flavor sitting in our pantry and then this idea was born. Simple vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit is such an easy, delicious dessert, but I was thinking embellishments.

The Food: Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, Raspberries


Vanilla bean ice cream

Fresh raspberries (you could probably use frozen too)

Cocoa powder

1/4 c. Raspberry balsamic vinegar (this was enough for three servings)


The only thing that really needs instruction is making the reduction. This can be a tricky process. I did mine in the microwave this time, but I’ve done it on the stove before too. In the microwave, I did 2 minute increments on high until it reached the right syrupy consistency. It was about 6 minutes for me, although it may have been a minute too long because it hardened very quickly. Once the ice cream has been scooped into dishes, I put a handful of berries on each and dusted cocoa powder over the top. Finally, drizzle with the reduction and enjoy!

The Fare: Ice Cream with Raspberries and Raspberry Balsamic Reduction



Once the cocoa powder mixes with the reduction you get a nice hint of chocolate in each bite, which is really delightful. My dad loved this.