Confessions of an Organizer

All daughters know that you eventually become your mother. In some way, shape or form it happens. It’s inevitable, I swear. Once upon I time I scoffed at the idea, but then I grew up and realized that guess what? my momma is one heck of a lady and if I can be a little more like her, well, I’ll take it.

My mom has always had a flair for organizing. When we were younger she made little marks on the bottoms of our socks so she could pair the right kid’s socks together. She also used to get me to organize the Tupperware drawer for her, and I never complained. It wasn’t until I was sharing these anecdotes and her latest early morning pantry organizing escapade with my roommates that they pointed out the truth. I have become my mother, and I’m past the point of no return. I am my mother’s daughter. I am an organizer.

My philosophy: Everything has its place, and it should be in said place unless it’s being used for something. It’s quite simple, really. I have folders for each class on my hard drive, folders in my gmail for holding onto various class-related or sentimental emails, and folders organizing all the Google documents in my Google Drive. Socks go in the sock drawer, linens in the linens box, craft supplies have the craft drawer, utensils have the utensil crock and spices belong in the spice cabinet – all perfectly reasonable, right? There’s more. Over winter break my mom suggested I go through the books on my bookshelves and get rid of some. HA! Get rid of books, like I would ever do such a foolish thing. Instead, I took them all off their shelves, dusted them, arranged them alphabetically, cataloged them on my computer and put them all back perfectly organized. There was also the morning over break where, per Mom’s suggestion, my sister and I made a spreadsheet of whose ornaments were whose as we decorated the tree, thus ensuring that they would all be put back in their appropriate boxes after Christmas.


An organized life is a good one. You just feel so accomplished when you’ve organized something, and who doesn’t want to feel accomplished? Don’t get me wrong I get busy just like everyone else. Everything is not always spick and span, but within a few days, everything will be put back where it belongs and I can breathe a sigh of relief. And honestly, life is just easier when you embrace the fact that you are your mother.