Thanksgiving Break in Photos – Day 6

I have so many reasons to be thankful today. Aside from the obvious family, friends, food and a roof over my head, I am thankful for the fresh fall air I am breathing, for a healthy body that let me run up a mountain this morning, for the constant affection and companionship of a dog, and the technology that let me wish my best friends on other continents a very happy Thanksgiving this morning.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays – family, cooking, eating and food-a-plenty to photograph. Can’t really go wrong with that combination.

The four of us girls were busy yesterday and today preparing dishes for this evening’s feast. I put myself in charge of my favorite sweet potato casserole. Yum.

But now, for my favorite part. Photo documentation. Drooling permitted.

Anxiously waiting for a scrap to fall…

Thanksgiving Break in Photos – Day 4

Due to yesterday’s travel dilemmas, day 4 posting was delayed.

But here it is.

And if I can borrow the title of Lil Wayne’s latest mix tape – sorry for the wait.

Started the gray, drizzly morning in Des Moines with a run.


See? Drizzly.

Then off to the airport for a delayed flight, a missed flight and another delayed flight. Followed by a dark, rainy, EXTREMELY foggy, two-hour climb into the mountains, all the while keeping our eyes peeled for any signs of the Appalachian T-Rex. (Don’t worry. No sightings.)

We arrived at midnight and all breathed a sigh of relief. Followed quickly by a deep, cleansing inhale of crisp mountain air — and then bed.

Thanksgiving Break in Photos – Day 2

I’m never really home until I’ve gotten my hands messy in the kitchen. After today, I am most definitely home.

This morning, I made crepes for the three of us.

I couldn’t just make a whole bunch of plain crepes. I had to get a little crafty. So I stuffed a few with a greek yogurt/honey mixture, blueberries and raspberries. A little tangy, but still pretty tasty.

Cousins + grandparents coming over for dinner = I am in charge of dessert. I made brownies.

Finally, we made some chex mix, for pre-dinner noshing and for travel snacking later on this week.

It’s good to be back.