Life as the Trad Home Intern

I’m interning at Traditional Home Magazine this summer.

My first “Trad Home Intern” post.

Written on May 31, 2011 at 11:15 am

By Julianne Hilmes

Since I decided to go into journalism back in high school, it has been a goal of mine to intern at the Meredith Corporation for a summer. When I found out I had been hired to be the summer intern at Traditional Home I was so excited I started crying. Granted, I found out while a tad delirious midway through a 12-page term paper, but I was thrilled nonetheless.

I have only been here for five days, but so far life as an intern has been great! I haven’t even had to get coffee for anyone yet, although honestly, I wouldn’t mind, I’m just thankful for the job. So far I’ve handled a variety of miscellaneous tasks. I’ve made copies and contact sheets and fetched papers from the colored printer. This involves going up and down a flight of stairs quite a few times a day. It’s hardly a big deal, if nothing else it’s a break from sitting at my desk. But I’ll still consider it exercise – especially if I’m wearing heels. I’ve cut, taped and three-hole-punched papers of all sizes – work which I ace thanks to my Montessori training. In addition to these task I have also perused fabrics online, sorted through leather samples, filled out FedEx forms, and even attended my very first product preview!

When I got the job, I knew I would be calling all sorts of people and companies regarding products (which I have done), but other than that I wasn’t sure what to expect. And I still never know what to expect. So far there has been something a little different to do each day and it keeps me busy. I have yet to find myself glancing at the clock wondering how long I have been folding papers or how much longer I have to be here. Certainly that is a good sign. Stay Tuned…

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