Life as the Trad Home Intern Continued… The Final Installment

Here it is folks, the last installment of my little intern blog.


Life as the Trad Home Intern

I’m interning at Traditional Home Magazine this summer.

My first “Trad Home Intern” post.

Written on May 31, 2011 at 11:15 am

By Julianne Hilmes

Since I decided to go into journalism back in high school, it has been a goal of mine to intern at the Meredith Corporation for a summer. When I found out I had been hired to be the summer intern at Traditional Home I was so excited I started crying. Granted, I found out while a tad delirious midway through a 12-page term paper, but I was thrilled nonetheless.

I have only been here for five days, but so far life as an intern has been great! I haven’t even had to get coffee for anyone yet, although honestly, I wouldn’t mind, I’m just thankful for the job. So far I’ve handled a variety of miscellaneous tasks. I’ve made copies and contact sheets and fetched papers from the colored printer. This involves going up and down a flight of stairs quite a few times a day. It’s hardly a big deal, if nothing else it’s a break from sitting at my desk. But I’ll still consider it exercise – especially if I’m wearing heels. I’ve cut, taped and three-hole-punched papers of all sizes – work which I ace thanks to my Montessori training. In addition to these task I have also perused fabrics online, sorted through leather samples, filled out FedEx forms, and even attended my very first product preview!

When I got the job, I knew I would be calling all sorts of people and companies regarding products (which I have done), but other than that I wasn’t sure what to expect. And I still never know what to expect. So far there has been something a little different to do each day and it keeps me busy. I have yet to find myself glancing at the clock wondering how long I have been folding papers or how much longer I have to be here. Certainly that is a good sign. Stay Tuned…

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