Julianne’s Recap and Future Speculations for Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 2

Starting the season off with a two-hour premiere really sets the standard. I felt cheated last night with a one-hour episode, although the plus side is that I don’t have to remember as much.

*Spoiler alert: Don’t read any more if you’re not caught up yet!

Last night’s episode was supposed to be all about Edith getting married, but a certain fiancé left her at the alter. How rude! Even though Edith made some comment about making him her life’s work because he is old and only has one good arm, Sir Anthony always seemed so jumpy. I say good riddance. I rarely feel bad for Edith, but last night I did.

Cybil finally looks pregnant, so there’s that to look forward to in coming episodes.

The big news is that Downton Abbey will not be lost! Turns out Lavinia Swire wrote to her father on her deathbed explaining about Matthew and Mary, so he knew before his death what was up. Thank goodness sneaky Lady Mary stole the letter Mr. Swire wrote to Matthew otherwise he never would have known! Lord Grantham refused to accept Matthew’s money. Instead, he suggested that Matthew invest his money in Downton and together the two would be co-lords of Grantham.

Downstairs in the servants’ hall, Thomas told Moseley that O’Brien was planning on putting in her notice, which was not true. It was all cleared up by the end of the episode and we were left with a threat to Thomas from O’Brien. I’m so glad they feud with each other now. I prefer that to the two of them scheming.

Carson and Lady Grantham both find out about Mrs. Hughes and her health. The good news is that it’s benign, or so we’re led to believe. Carson was so stinkin’ cute when he found out Mrs. Hughes was alright, he was singing while polishing the silver.

It looks like there’s a love interest brewing between Daisy and Alfred.

In prison, it looks like someone is out to get Bates in trouble. In the prison yard he’s warned that it’s his cellmate, but after their cell was searched I got the feeling that one of the guards had been in on it. Anna traveled to London to meet with the closest thing Vera Bates ever had to a friend, but she didn’t learn anything useful.

Outside of the house, former-maid-turned-prostitute Ethel tries to come to Isobel’s rehab center again but chickens out. After receiving Ethel’s address from Mrs. Hughes, Isobel tracks Ethel down, but still we learn nothing.

Burning questions: Will Mr. Bates EVER get out of prison? Who is trying to get him in trouble? Will Anna learn anything helpful, or perhaps will she learn something that totally changes her perspective of Mr. Bates? How will poor Edith mend her broken heart? Will there be another love interest for her or will she become engrossed in some sort of activity like nursing and helping people instead? When will Cybil have her baby? Are Matthew and Mary going to have a baby? What’s O’Brien going to do next to mess with Thomas? Where will this love interest between Daisy and Alfred go? Is Mrs. Hughes really okay, or was she just saying that so people would stop treating her like she was sick? And for the love of God will Ethel suck it up and ask for help already?

How will the drama unfold? I can’t wait to find out!


Julianne’s Recap and Future Speculations for Downton Season 3, Episode 1.

WELL. If you didn’t watch Downton last night, I hope your DVR did. And that’s about all I can say before I insert the obligatory spoiler alert.

*Spolier Alert: Don’t read on if you don’t want to know what happened or what I think might happen!

We quickly discovered last night that Lord Grantham put all of Cora’s fortune into a railroad business that he thought was going to boom but ended up tanking. Whoops. We also learn that Matthew was the third (and only living) possible heir to Reggie Swire’s (Matthew’s late, ex-fiancé Lavinia’s father) fortune. However, being the gentleman that he is, Matthew does not believe Swire money should be used to save Downton because he and Mary broke Lavinia’s heart and were thus partially responsible for her death blah blah blah. The use of the Swire inheritance remains a sore subject between Matthew and Mary. The Dowager Countess and Mary even try to get Cora’s mother to give more money to Downton, but to no avail as her late husband tied up her fortune so she wouldn’t be able to do that very thing.

The guests arrive at Downton for the marriage, including Cora’s mother, Martha Levinson, who stirs everyone up with her progressive American ways. Lady Sybil and her former-chauffer-turned-husband Tom Branson also return. Sybil’s visit was paid for anonymously, until the Dowager Countess confesses to providing the fare. (Although I still thought it was Cousin Isobel.)

The best news is that Matthew and Mary get married! Yes, they actually tied the knot. Hooray! Then they return from their honeymoon with a new car. Groovy.

Lady Edith has a thing for that funny-looking old man whose name I can’t remember. She’s quite forward with the chap. Lord Grantham tells OldmanwhosenameIcan’tremember to leave Edith alone and then recants on his word after Edith and Mrs. Levinson talk to him. So that’s cool.

Cousin Isobel has a new way to help people. This time it’s helping prostitutes get back on their feet and find respectable business. Ethel, the former maid, makes an appearance at this clinic but runs away because evidently she’s not ready to say whatever it was she was going to say. Ugh.

A new footman arrives at Downton. His name is Alfred and he’s evidently Miss O’Brien’s nephew. It sounds like trouble, but I actually like him, and I think O’Brien is getting nicer.

Thomas still dislikes everyone and is scheming as usual.

Mr. Moseley seems to have a hard time accepting the fact that Matthew doesn’t want him to be his personal valet in his new married life. I feel like Moseley is up to something. I think he means well, but is he trying to hide something? Why does he desperately want to be Matthew’s valet?

Mrs. Hughes discovers a lump on her breast, and after taking an inconclusive biopsy, Dr. Clarkson sends it off for analysis that will take two months. She has only confided in Mrs. Patmore and doesn’t want to tell Mr. Carson or anyone else.

In the meantime, poor Mr. Bates is still in jail, and his lovely wife Anna is trying all she can to prove his innocence. I still think his late, wretched wife Vera framed him, but my dad thinks it was Sir Richard.

So the two-hour premiere of season 3 was jam-packed with information to keep us wondering and coming back for more. Lingering questions: What will become of Downton? If they save Downton, where will the money come from? Will Matthew change his mind about the Swire inheritance? Isn’t Sybil preggers? When will the baby bump appear? Will there be any evidence that will prove Mr. Bates innocent? What is up with Moseley? Is Edith going to marry whats-his-face? Does anyone really even like Edith? What’s married life hold for the new Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Crawley? Will Ethel decide she’s ready to say whatever it was she was going to say? What is Thomas going to try and ruin next? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

I’ll tune in next Sunday to find out.

Downton Abbey Season 3

Well it’s happened. I’ve been sucked into the glorious public television drama known as Downton Abbey, and I can’t complain. Never has my mother been more encouraging of me spending my free time glued to the TV screen than when watching this show. (Honestly, she was the one pushing for me to get caught up.) I finished the “Christmas at Downton Abbey” episode last night, so I am primed and ready to go just in time for the season 3 premiere tonight. There will be THREE HOURS of Downton goodness aired this evening. First, there’s an hour look at Highclere Castle where the show is filmed, followed by the two hour season premiere, which I am SO looking forward to.

*Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen finished the second season yet, you may not want to read on.

I’m so happy Matthew and Mary have finally realized that they are meant to be. It makes my heart happy. From what I’ve read, the wedding guests descend on the abbey in this episode, and we are introduced to Lady Grantham’s American mother who is played by Shirley MacLaine. We get to watch this for TWO HOURS! It’s going to be great. I’m really looking forward to seeing Lady Sybil too, as I believe she, her pregnant belly and Branson will reappear soon. (Fingers crossed.)

I’ve heard a few rumors about the future of Downton Abbey. 1. Daniel Jonathon (Matthew Crawley) may not be signing on for the fourth season of Downton, which raises many important questions like how could the chemistry between Mary and him ever be removed from the plot?  2. The years may pass and we will get a glimpse at the WWII era, which raises many other questions, but none as serious as the future of my dear Matthew and Mary.

Come 7  CST tonight I will be glued to my seat. Check in later for reactions to this blessed event.